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High-quality singing lessons with student in mind

I remember how I felt going to my first singing lesson. I certainly felt a little bit daunted but once I got there and began singing my first song I completely forgot how nervous I was and absolutely loved it.

Great singing teachers have a way of relaxing their students, especially in their first lesson to really help build the confidence of their students. You really have nothing to be worried about, singing is a skill that can certainly be learned and improved with practice and well structured vocal lessons.

In our first lesson we will start by talking about your favourite types of music and what you would like to aim for with our singing lessons. From there we will build a programme of singing lessons to help build and strengthen your voice, give you confidence and create a beautiful tone.

For more advanced students we will look at the aspects of your voice that you would like to improve upon. For more information about my singing lessons don't hesitate to get in touch via info@singinglessonssheffield.com.

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